Kenn Crawford is a published songwriter and author of the 2010 Parsec™ nominated zombie thriller, DEAD HUNTand THE SAGA OF BAYOU BILLY. He wrote a weekly newspaper column on songwriting and recording and was the winner of the 2010 NFW Short Story Contest.

He founded the Home_Recording group in 1999 and in 2012 he founded Podiorookie – the podcast that teaches writers how to create professional sounding audio books.

Kenn lives and works in his hometown of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and is currently writing several non-fiction projects as well as the much anticipated follow up novel: DEAD HUNT 2.

About Photography…

Kenn has been taking pictures for many years as a hobby using a variety of point-and-shoot cameras and recently decided to pursue photography more seriously and upgraded to a dSLR camera (Nikon D100.) He has been actively studying photography and doing a variety of shoots including wildlife, nature, children, couples, sports and music photography.



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